Book by Marianna Simonian
Female Career TAO
"Female Career TAO" is a comprehensive guide for women in STEM fields, offering career tips, talent assessment, and practical advice for navigating IT. It provides strategies to achieve career aspirations, stand out in the job market, and launch a successful startup.
  • career tips for Women in STEM;
  • find your talents toward the path of IT;
  • build a unique career in IT from any level;
  • become a demanded candidate in the labor market;
  • how to launch your startup from scratch.
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What readers say about the book
  • This book encourages you to think about yourself, your life, environment - make your own decisions about career. And act.
    Marina Alekseeva
    Women in Big Data EMEA Director
  • This book is a phenomenon that will accompany me throughout my life.

    Victoria Sinitsina
    Professional sport coach
  • Marianne's book makes it possible to look at the whole process from a different perspective. Think about what you want and can do. A career is not a vertical takeoff. This is a journey.
    Anastasia Belyakova
    Founder of Add One Touch - The Experience Building Company and CEO of Atlanta Dubai
  • This book can become a guiding light, a step-by-step plan for any woman.

    Yaroslava Boyarskaya
    Business consultant
  • Would recommend to all students, those who cannot understand the career world, as well as those who would desired to make an impact in technology.

    Yulia Stitsko
    Student, reader
  • Source of inspiration, wisdom and an indispensable treasure of knowledge.

    Anna Vedeneeva
  • The book is like a roadmap for building a career with mentor. For those starting their career, it will be a guiding star.
    Natalya Bilash
    HR expert
  • You always feel whether a person does something with soul and love or just “does it”. So you will definitely feel Marianne’s love and sincerity when you touch this book.

    Valeria Grigorian
    Travel entrepreneur
  • Marianna compares a career to an art, in which everyone - like an artist - is able to create their own unique world. I express my immense gratitude to Marianna for her inspiring work and open heart.
    Zhanna Koshkina
    MBA professor
  • In the book, Marianna collected practices, questions and recommendations that I collected over 10 years of professional and mentoring activities.
    Ekaterina Mitusova
    IT coach, ex-Google
Read & listen the book in english
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The author sincerely thanks everyone who took part in the process of creation of the book.

This book is a completely non-profit project implemented by Marianna Simonian, the Wonder Women community, and the project friends. Thus, our goal was not to do everything perfectly, but rather to state the essence of things, share valuable thoughts and knowledge.